Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Blogging Blitz

Hi there.

I have some schtuff brewing around in my little head.

I need your help tho.

This year I want to do some things differently on this here blog.
My goal is to advocate for adoption more, and to help spread the word that there are SO many parents looking for children, on the flip side, there are also so many children looking for families. I am certain many of you know my good friend mrs. r she is the bomb.
I want to be like her when I grow up, so this is my small way of doing just that.

SO twice a month I want to highlight a family that is hoping to adopt.
Do you want me to highlight you?
Do you want to be added over here:

If you have been placed with and or had a baby recently and you are on that list...can I remove you for a little while to highlight those who are hoping for a child right now?

Can you help me to update that list?


email me: kimsueellen{at}gmail{dot}com

Come back soon, for the bloggity blogging blitz is gonna start.
and there is SO much more than adoption going to be talked about.
We will start off with the trial of the YEAR involving my husband.
Hilarity you won't want to miss.

Ready? Set?



kenna said...

I'm stoked for this.

Oh, and if you need someone to highlight, I wouldn't mind a little highlighting... :)

dust and kam said...

You can take us off your waiting list for a while, I am hoping a long while! :)

You are the best!

Candise said...

I'll e-mail you asap, well asap after a bit of sleep. Must. sleep.

Candise said...

PS - Can't wait to hear more about the trial. Sounds crazy.

Nishant said...

I wouldn't mind a little highlighting

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