Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh so super cool!

Thanks Vanessa!

So, I was jumping around and saw this site...and she has ME...yes ME on her favorite link list, I am on this super cool list with a bunch of other super cool people. People I love and admire.

Totally and utterly made my day!


Arianne said...

WOW I am the FIRST to comment on your blog! I feel lucky! :)

You are just popular:) Everybody loves your blog!!!! I bet your blog link is on a million blogs!!

Britney said...

I already knew you were super cool. Now everybody will know!

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

Of course you are on Vanessa's link list...you are awesome!
You should go to one of the Nature days! =) We could meet up!

Vanessa said...

I do love your blog :) Thanks for stopping by mine!! and I am hoping to adopt two little boys someday :)

~Vanessa inevergrewup.net