Friday, December 12, 2008

"Nobody likes me, everybody hates me..."

September 2008


We went fishing in Midway. This was my kids' first ever encounter with worms. It was freaking hilarious. I wish I could remember where we went, but kids could fish for free without a license and I *think* the worms were free! So so so so so gross. I'll admit I am 100% girl in the regard when it comes to bugs and spiders and ants, anything creepy or crawly. I try really hard to hide that fact from my kids and encourage them to explore. Even if I wanted to throw up a little.


J-Man thought it was THE coolest thing ever. He wanted to keep them. He was super bummed when I told him we couldn't. He was so fascinated, we taught him all about what happens when you cut them in half, how they make "two worms". (I remember learning you?) So, like good parents we cut some in half and showed him. He loved it, then was eager to share the love:


With sissy. She did quite well. Not too enthralled as brother was, but she held it nonetheless. (Gag...ew...that's my girl! Actually she told me today that she doesn't like ants, she only likes "rolly pollies". I get that.)


So we fished and didn't catch a single thing. :( But it was SO relaxing and fun to teach our kids something new.


My favorite grin. Love that nose. Love that space.


Divalicious as always.


Heather said...

Such great parents to take the kids out fishing!! Sorry you didn't catch anything!! The pictures are really cute though!!

ec said...

love the portraits of the kids. they are gorgeous. their eyes ... ahhhh.

Amy and Josh said...

Worms are so Fun with kids!! That looks like quite the adventure. Love the pictures:)

Arianne said...

you might need to do a "disclaimer" for Cassie for the worms!! you know how much she HATES THEM! :) ha ha!!

what a fun little day trip. You are always doing such fun things as a family. I too LOVE the pictures of your kids.

oh and P.S. you can come to my lake in my neighborhood and fish for free ANYTIME!! that might be a good reason for you to come visit me more!! :)

Ron and Jessica said...

Seeing your photos makes me really miss living there. It's soooo beautiful! Looks like you had fun fishin'

Cassie said...

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! We don't post pictures of worms without warning me first!!! (insert horrid sounds of me dry heaving and trying not to vomit) And those are big juicy ones... and your kids touched them? Held them? I would have died.

Really... I hope they enjoyed their little hearts out. And I'm thrilled you had some fabulous family time, I am. But... the worms? Next time I'd like to encourage a less disgusting type of bait. Like cheese, or peanut butter... I mean if they ain't biting anyway... there's no need for the nasty, slimy little buggers, right? (sigh)

Love you and your cute little nuggets.

dust and kam said...

Ew. I do not like worms. We use to catch them when i was a kid and sell them (as a family). Ew.

Fabulous pictures! I love them!

Barrett said...

...think I'll eat some worms. Long slimy juicy ones, itsy bitsy teeny ones, think I'll eat some worms!

Gotta love that song. I can't cut the worms. I make someone else do it!

Amy said...

I used to not care too much about worms! In fact, before a big camping trip my brothers and I would go outside at night and find nightcrawlers (worms) for fishing! But now, I despise them. I think I can handle seeing a spider, even more than I can handle seeing the following: Slugs, Centipedes, worms, millipedes, etc. etc. You get the idea! It DISGUSTS me!!!

So if you're all girl...then I am too! GIRLPOWER!

Tim and Ashlee said...

I so don't like creepy crawly things. Spiders scare me!! hehe

Holly said...

Super cute pics - It sure looks warm and not frigid there. You must have been lucky!

Lace said...

Oh I bet this was SO fun! The scenery looks amazing! ... I could do with out the worms but other than that this is the stuff cravings are made of!

The Lilly's said...

Wow, that picture of the water with the mountains in the background is amazing! And your kids could be models, seriously!

SabrinaT said...

Great pictures! My boys love to play with (torture) worms..