Friday, November 30, 2007


This photo brings tears to my eyes. It says so much to me. My heart is so full of love for not only her, but for my sweet Hubbs and J too.
This girl is CRAZY...KRAZY...KrAzY...cRaZy...about anything horse. She sees a horse, it is "Olhe!...Po'tock...yeeeee'haaaaww!" Now, let me explain: Olhe means "Look!" in Portuguese, "po'tock" is really just a noise that Flavio makes in a processional, something like, "po'tock-eee, po'tock-eee, po'tockeee..." etc...if you say it really fast, it sounds very much like the stomping of a horses running hooves. Make sense? And "yee'haw" need I say more...? Hehehehe. So, ya, EVERY TIME she sees a horse that is what she says, "Olhe! Po'tock....yeeee'haaaaaaw!" I love it so much I point out horses to her. Love her. Why does this bring me SO much joy? Joy I tell you. Because my heart is so full of love for her, because SHE loves something so much. I cannot honestly remember when I was a child loving something that much, having so much passion about something, seeking it, living for it, loving it. My in-laws got her this little horse (Erin, it is from Costco...) and she is in love. I was going to get her a rocking horse for her Christmas present, (now I can't and I am a little sad, only because I thought it was the perfect gift, and found the perfect one...feeling a little selfish...) but love how much she loves this horse. Recognizing the love her grandparents had for her, in seeing the passion she has for all things horse. Can a two year old have a passion? I think so.
I am so thankful I get to watch her grow. I get to see her seek new passions. This photo tells me I am doing something right. She is basking in an innocence I can't remember having. A joy that I don't remember experiencing. I can't explain what that feeling would have done for me in my life, but I hope that when she is older, she can look back and feel that comfort and peace that comes with being able to connect to something. I am not even sure if this is making sense...but anything horse to like my children are to me. They are my joy. They are my heart. They are my passion. Hubbs, I love you. Thank you for completing my life in a way I never knew possible. For allowing me the joy of being a mother. For being there when I have hard days (like today) even though you are thousands of miles away, you still felt with me. I miss you. I appreciate you. I am thankful for you. Your endless support of me is astonishing. The things you sacrifice for my happiness amaze me. I owe you the same and so much more and I know that at times I lack the ability to tell you, or to show you, but it is always there, and I am learning. Thanks for being my best friend...for being my, "Po'tock yeee'haaaaw" if you will! Forever grateful to you for showing me what passion is. What Joy is. May we be blessed with more in our life, and always look forward to more and more one day!

Yep, this photo says a lot. So grateful for it.


Arianne said...

Emms is just too cute, and getting so big!!! Love the horse story!! Also LOVE that shirt she is wearing and the picture!!

Lace said...

I think this is what they mean by 'seeing the world through the eyes of a child.' They find so much joy in the simplest things and because they feel that joy so do you! I love that! I like that you called it a passion we call it obsession! :) I seriously will drive by a big truck, or a horse or a pumpkin and find myself getting excited about it just cause I know Ayla will love to see it!

moosh in indy. said...

I'll be your po'tock yeee'haaaaw baby.
Miss you.
12 days.

Amy and Josh said...

Very touching, thanks for sharing Kim

Kelly said...

That is a beautiful shot! You can see how much she loves her horse!

Carrie said...

Darling! Such sweet memories! How fun will it be to look back on these as adult daughter and mother, now friends? Your a such a beautiful mother who's raising beauitful children!