Monday, November 12, 2007

Thank you Mommy Sunshine!

Apparently, well, I rock the bowl! ;) Mommy Sunshine awarded me this bloggie award. It too was my first so thank you sweet Carrie. She said the nicest things about me, and I seriously cried. I needed this more than you will ever know!

"Kim is always so honest about her life and the up's and down's in it. This
beautiful lady brings a nice spiritual outlook to her life and family. She has
been inspiring and uplifting to many people. She always has a compliment or a
positive thing to say about someone. She has a gorgeous little family and is in
the process of adding a fortunate, new member to it. She is totally deserving of
this award! Her blog ROCKS THE BOWL! Not to mention, she takes fabulous pictures!"

It is hard to believe that I have known this lady for almost two years now via blog world. I met her through Moosh in Indy. (Be prepared ya'll to see ME with Moosh in Indy. I have a lot of peeps ask me about her...oh believe me, you'll meet her! Anyway, Carrie is Casey's cousin, and I had the opportunity of meeting Miss Carrie and we became friends instantly. She is one of the strongest, nicest, most amazing people I have ever met, not to mention BEAUTIFUL. I had the opportunity to photograph her newest little a few months ago, it was such a neat experience to capture. Love you Mommy Sunshine!

Hmm, I guess I need to award this wonderful honor onto someone else, and the first person who came to mind is a newcomer, and a guy even...who blogs and is hilarious! I love this couple's positive outlook on life, and I met them through LDSFS and photography all at the same time, imagine here's to Ron and Jessica.

They too are searching for a little one to join their family. If anyone out there can help them on their quest and know of a birth mom who would be a good fit for them, and you feel so inclined, send her their way, you can visit their profile here:

Ron and Jessica


moosh in indy. said...

yeah you will.
mmm hmmm

Carrie said...


Can't wait to see those pictures of you and Casey! You two are gorgeous!

Barrett said...

Ditto on "rock the bowl" comments! I would love to meet moosh in indy! Did you take the picture of Carrie's cuties that is by her name on the comments? It's way cute!