Monday, November 19, 2007

I heart Moosh in Utah.

Moosh in Indy is here in Utah. She came. She came to see ME! This is us. A very pathetic attempt at us...and a not so reflective surface. We're going to try again on Saturday. She is going to do it. It'll rock big time.
I think she is one of the most gorgeous people I have ever met. Through the years I have had the opportunity to get to know her, every bit of her. I think we both have the same problem. We are misunderstood at times, probably why we get along so well. We met eachother when we were both EXTREMELY overweight, and disgustingly jealous of eachother. I didn't like her so much. I am usually not a judger...we met over creamsicles. Gotta love a good fight over a creamsicle and a pregnant lady. You would think you would give the pregnant lady the creamsicle right? I had to eat fudge. The last one I have ever eaten.
As far as the weight. Casey looks way better than me though, she lost 60 (you can read about it on her site). I lost only 20, I still struggle a bit in that area.
She knows my innermost thoughts, and fears. Not many people hold that title. I love that we can not see eachother for months and it is okay that when we finally do, nothing HAS to be said. I heart Moosh in Indy's mom. Love her!
How about these girls? BFF's in training?

Love these cute girls. All three of them! It is good to have you back Case. We'll take what we can get.


moosh in indy. said...

I heart you
An Oreo and a peck.
An Oreo and a peck.
And a hug around the neck.

Arianne said...

I am glad you have a friend like Casey, everyone needs a friend like that. Love the pics of the Moosh and miss Emms so cute.

Amy and Josh said...

Looks like way too much fun, glad you have your Casey back! I have to say I've always thought she was way gorgeous too, just like you Kim. Your little girls are too cute, love the boots.

ec said...

wow. casey. stunning.

and the moosh and stinkin' cute. so, so , cute.

blair said...

p.s. what lens is that?

Amanda said...

Such cute pictures. It is so nice to have friends!

Christal said...

Hey Kim me again this is kind of fun!lol I don't know an Amy either. But hey to answer your questions the good pictures on my blog are taken by Rebecca Cooper she is so good too!! You probably know her from the scrapbooking world she is so talented like the rest of you. I did notice mama c
(E.C) on your blog -- I do know her we were VT companions and neighbours love her she is so cute and fun!
Well hope your having a good day I love your pictures of your little one and you and the friends ones. I would give my email if I knew how without everybody reading it ha ha!! Well TTYL

Christal said...

My email is thanks for the comments!!

me said...

I'm so jealous! Love that you and Casey got to hang out and the pictures are gorgeous! That one of Casey is fantastic!!!!! All of you girls are just gorgeous!