Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A lot on my mind.

I have had some of those "days" lately. Not bad, just a lot on my mind. Do you ever have those days? Just been thinking about how much I appreciate this man, and all that he does for me. Sometimes I feel like "we" get lost in the shuffle, and that all "I" can think about are the things he isn't doing, or the things I wish he would do. I forget ALL that he DOES do, and it isn't fair of me sometimes. Our life is so full right now, I like to use the term "CRAZY"! (Oh my heck I am using a TON of "quotation marks";) Really though, life is crazy. I know I have said it before, but with school, owning two businesses (which if they ever start paying off will be SO worth it (and they are, in a way...), our beautiful children, and Hubbs working, and then callings, it doesn't leave us much time for "US"! I realized a few weeks ago, that it was up to ME to get things on the right track, that indeed amidst this craziness and constant time of life, we can have what we need, and it has helped ten fold. I have found I am not as impatient with the kids or Hubbs, and that we are happier and have those little disagreements less often, (note I said less often...because I admit we are far from perfect and we DO disagree.) Anyway, just wanted to make a list of things I am doing that have helped US along the way...
Started having regular FHE. Can't tell you how wonderful this has been, words cannot describe, it has also opened us up to having a more organized home, and the kids love it.
Daily Scripture study and little family prayers. Sometimes, because of our schedules it is just me doing it, or just Hubbs with the kids, but for almost two years, almost every day I have been reading out of that little "picture" Book of Mormon to the kids. They never listen, I like to think that something is getting through...who knows. But they prayer thing they get, and when I do it, I feel like if I haven't accomplished something that day, then at least I have done that.
A toy rotation! Oh my word. We just started, but seriously it works. It takes a lot of effort, but we rotate on Monday nights after FHE, and seriously never have I seen the kids play with their toys so much. And FYI if any of my parents read this, PLEASE! NO MORE TOYS for my kids. Savings bonds, money, a book, but NO TOYS! I am SUPER done with toys. LOL!
Chores. I started a reward system for chores. This post is getting too long, so perhaps I will talk about this one later...but the kids do them, and are doing them, and they are EXCITED about it. Ya...will post that later, I recommend.
And finally, almost no TV. Seriously, I accomplish so much, my kids use their imagination, and I just feel better since we don't watch TV (not that we have time to anyway, but turning it off instead of even resorting to it for "babysitting" purposes has made a world of difference!) (Wha? You say you have NEVER turned on the TV to entertain your kids. Call me...I need to know your secret. I swore I would NEVER do it, and I admit I have done it more times than I should have...but I have stopped...I am so happy to say that I have stopped.)
And that is it. Tiny changes that have made a world of difference. Our home is cleaner, we are more patient parents, everyone knows what is expected of them, and if something isn't done, we know who needs to do it, and we help them through it. It has been a wonderful few months since this went into action. Loving if only I can keep my gym schedule among all of this craziness, and kick the food cravings!

And about this man:

He gets up in the middle of the night with the kids. If the kids cry, he does it. He sleeps on the floor in their rooms if they need it, just so I can sleep. (BTW, he LOVES sleeping on the floor...he is a bit odd in this regard, but I love him.)

He doesn't complain often when I just want to "go out" for dinner. I know he hates spending the money, but he goes along with it, this I am grateful for.

He is a constant support of my desires. I know he wants me to be happy, he supports me in school, pushes me to move forward. Is happy when I accomplish my goals in photography, and even though he wanted nothing to do with me going to Hawaii, he doesn't complain! Thank you honey! I'll bring you back a nice shirt. ;)

He always knows what I am thinking. I am amazed at how often we say the same thing at the same time, or are thinking the same thing. We truly are kindred spirits.

He looks totally hott in that sweater. I finally talked him into it, only four trips to the store and he took the bait. I love you honey! Forever.


Holly said...

That's a great sweater - great pictures too!

Cassie said...

I love that picture of you two. It shows much emotion. And you're right about the sweater, it's nice, way nice. Flavio, you're lookin' good.

Leisha said...

I am so much like you in this regard but do need to slow down and appreciate everything. Laughing so hard about the shirt! and love that you talked him into the sweater. (Totally worth it Flavio! :-)

Crystalyn said...

more organized home...i need your secret. i have felt i'm barely (i mean barely) keeping my head above water. i feel better now because my man made huge strides for our home over the weekend. he did a few of my chores that have made all the difference. hear you on the no tv thing. when it's off life is sooooo much better. and hawaii?...sounds exciting.

Adventures in Baby Fat said...

Ahh, I love these kind of posts from you. I am always struck by how humble you are, and it inspires me to remember to be grateful for all that I have.

And yes, that sweater is smokin'. And you two look oh-so sexy there.

How do I say that without sounding pervy? ha. :)

Amy and Josh said...

You probably already know I am going to ask where you got the sweater, it is something my Josh would look great in too.
Love your post-you and Flavio really compliment each other, and I am looking forward to your words on the chore issue with the kids.
I have been going through the same thing with the t.v., and it is amazing how Elise doesn't seem to miss it. It is sooo nice to have it off.

ec said...

i love it.

the sweater too.

you are not alone kim...i think that all mamas and wives feel the way you do at some point or another.

i definately have...

thanks for this.

you are fabulous!

Ron and Jessica said...

I wonder if the toy rotation would work on my husband...he doesn't play with any of his toys either...hee hee

Carrie said...

See. This is why you are totally deserving of that award! You always seem to remind me how I really need to inventory things in my life and get my butt back up and running again. (Literally and figuratively!) I'd love to hear about your chore chart thing and all that it entails. I need to start one with L and could use some help on how to get that going! Also, toy rotation? What's that?

You and your dear hubby look so in love and peaceful in life together! I'm so happy to hear that in this "crazy" life you have found ways to make things work! You should definitely share some more of your ideas that have worked for you! Some of us, like myself, could use some light shed on us! ;)

Take care hun! You look GREAT, by the way!

Amanda said...

I love the sweet words about your hubby! I also love the picture of the two of you. How blessed we are to have wonderful men in our lives! Thank you for all your love, support and friendship!

Arianne said...

great post. I just love you two. Love the sweater too! you are HOT Flavio!! :)

Amy said...

You tell him he DOES look good in that sweater! haha!'re awesome Kim! Let me know if you need to do Usana!

Thanks for sharing your feelings about your hubby. When I hear things like that I think of all the good things about my own hubby!

moosh in indy. said...

I was gonna say, THAT SWEATER.
You make me ill.
In the best kind of way of course.
If I didn't already know you liked me I'd hate you and you'd hate me and we'd NEVER be friends.
Guess that's what's so right about us, right?
Wait, isn't that how this started?

blair said...

random but -whats FHE Mean?

The Gag-nears said...

when are you going to Hawaii? Are you serious! and I need a photo session for our family pics soon! But if you are too busy I understand - let me know!

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

I was just reading some of your older posts...and came across this one. That picture of the two of you is AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, LOVELY!!