Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The perfect recipe for the perfect smelling laundry...

Within the first year of marriage, I had perfected the clean smelling laundry scent...AND IT LASTS, it still smells even two weeks after I put the laundry away! It had to be something fantastic, something out of this world. A year after we were married our basement flooded with SEWAGE and after the flood, we had to stay with numerous folks, and during that time, we stayed with my good friend Michelle. Michelle washed our clothes and YUMM, seriously?! I asked her what was this wonderful product she used to wash her clothes?...she said she used:

Arm and Hammer. Huh.

So, I began to use Arm and Hammer. LOVE IT. I also add a scoop of:

It really gets out some of the caked on schtuff that my kids are constantly getting on their clothes, even chocolate milk. A heaven sent. For really tough stains I use none other than:!

If you have NEVER used this product, you MUST. I get mine from Babies R Us, and I get it in the BIG bottle. It gets out ANYTHING. It is safe, I have never had a problem with it! I have cleaned my floors, my couch, spit up, poo, pee, vomit, GRAPE JUICE...endless. It works, and IT SMELLS YUMMY

Even after the find of the wondrous Arm and Hammer, the smell wasn't quite what I wanted so I added a little Bounce Dryer sheets, (from my growing up years.) For the formula to work, it has to be the Outdoor Fresh Scent, and I always use two, (my loads are HUGE yes, but I love the extra softness and scent it adds to the already yummy Arm and Hammer.)If I have a white load (and we have A TON of WHITE!) I always add me some:

Love the smell of bleach. I know it is bad for your clothes, but I can't help it. I love getting out of the shower and putting on fresh, yummy, clean clothes. LOVE IT!

Well, that is about it. I have had some people ask me. I even did laundry for a friend when she was ILL during her pregnancy...she actually LET me do her laundry because she knew it would SMELL soooo good. (I think that is THE ONLY reason she let me do it, and I was thankful!) Anyway...try it and is a treat.


Leisha said...

You can come and wash my clothes anytime lady! :-)

Lace said...

Here's my endorsement: I love the smell of Kim's kids cause they always smell like her laundry! It really is yummy! Infact she let me in on her Arm and Hammer and Bounce secret and that's what I use now (so you all should love my smell too:). The best thing is that the smell really does last, I love to get out a shirt and catch a wiff of the fresh laundry smell but my favorite is to get out of the shower and smell my towels! mmm! I give this recipe **** and two thumbs up!

Arianne said...

I just might need to try that too! I LOVE good smelling clothes!! I also should try that totally toddler i have heard great things about that too!!

Amy and Josh said...

I have heard so much about plain old baking soda and really need to give it a try in laundry and just for cleaning the tub. My towels really don't smell all that great, so I'll definitely have to give it a go. Thanks!

moosh in indy. said...

I'm so worn out.
I want to come back over, but after everyone's asleep. Okay?

mommyoffour said...

Oooo... I love yummy smelling laundry!!! I have yet to find the perfect recipe, so I will have to try yours out! It sounds like it works and smells fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

Amy said...

Good to know! If only the lady we lived with wasn't "allergic" to everything in the world...we might be able to use the kind of detergent we want. Oh more year!

Lilli said...

Oh Yea! I am always looking for ways to make me smell better! :) I am very excited to try this combonation!

ec said...

i've been away, and was so glad to get back and updated.

what great advice.

i'm so doing the toy thing.

and the laundry. i am all over it.

if any of you do cloth diapers: tea tree oil. a small drop in your load. heaven.

thanks kim!

Heather said...

This is very similar to my laundry recipe. Although the detergent varies with my moods and I add an extra scoop of borax laundry booster....not the oxy.