Friday, October 19, 2012

Gardner Village Ride to a Witch | Giveaway

Saturday, my family and I woke up early to wander the grounds of Gardner Village. We started out with a yummy breakfast from the Wasatch Front Farmers Market, and wept a little inside that it is almost over for the year.

After breakfast we walked around and enjoyed a little witch sight seeing.

It is no secret, as you know, that I adore Gardner Village. I love the fun and unique shops as well as all of the events that are specific to the seasons. There is always something new and exciting for my kids, as well as basic traditions that we have come to create by going to Gardner Village. Ride to a Witch has become one such tradition that our family enjoys, and this year especially as my kids are just a bit older.

Our creepy ride tickets.

Enjoying a tractor ride and the crisp fall air.

Checking out the witch's house. The kids loved that they could touch EVERYTHING as long as they promised not to eat anything.

Getting a dance lesson from the resident dancing witch queen. She was wonderful with the kids and taught them a ghoulish line dance. Complete with mummy and werewolf moves.

Even if Camilla wasn't having any of it. She may have been completely terrified of the most adorable stuffed animal kitty stuck in the floor.

We ended our visit with the witches with a good old fashioned cockroach funeral. It was emotional.

Camilla and I loved this heart shaped rock.

Emmaree was the perfect age to be absolutely in love with all of the witches. They were beautiful and their costumes were out of this world wonderful. Emm couldn't get enough that is for sure. She loved that she fit right in with her sparkly purple shirt.

After all of our fun with the beautiful and sassy witches, we spent our next hour riding ponies and snuggling on animals in the petting zoo. Needless to say, my kids loved this! This was my first time being close up to animals. They are beautiful and each one had their own attitude.

Camilla is still talking about the, "Wabbit with the wed eyes don't yike me!" Precious.

Haven't been to Ride to a Witch? You must! Gardner Village is truly so amazing, and they are giving one of my lucky readers two tickets to Ride to a Witch!

To enter:
  • Simply leave a comment telling me your favorite thing about Gardner Village

For additional entries:
Please leave an additional comment for each entry as well as your email address. The winner will be contacted Friday evening, October 19, 2012. Yes, that means act fast! Can you believe Halloween is only 11 days away?

***Disclosure: Gardner Village provided four tickets to Ride to a Witch for my family, as well as petting zoo passes for my three children and asked me to tell you about my experience. As always, my opinions are accurate and my own.***


Shannon Wilkinson said...

I love the kitchy little shops at Gardener Village...and the fudge shop.

Email -

- Shan

Shannon Wilkinson said...

Our favorite Halloween tradition is the pre-Halloween ritual. We spend the afternoon getting ready but first we have hot apple cider and make caramel apples. Then we do hair and makeup and costumes.

- Shan

Shannon Wilkinson said...

I can't believe I hadn't liked your page before Kim! Great FB page.


Shannon Wilkinson said...

Went to GV FB page and liked it as well. <3


Sell...Party Of 5 said...

I love all of your pictures...definitely sums up perfectly how fun Gardner Village is.

We love the orange rolls at the Naborhood Bakery.

JaNean said...

I have to say the quilt shop is my favorite thing to visit at Gardner Village, but I bet you could have guessed that about me :-)

Erin and Eric said...

**We go to Gardner Village every year for the witch scavenger hunt. My four year old loved it this year.
**We have a pumpkin painting party every year with our family.
**I am dressing up as Fifty Shades of Grey this year ;)
**I don't have a facebook.
**I checked out thier website :)

Holly said...

I love how picturesque it is!

Amy said...

I love the sweet shop!

Amy said...

Our favorite Halloween tradition is carving pumpkins as an extended family, starting out in Grandma's pumpkin patch, picking them ourselves :)

Amy said...

I dressed up as a 80's chick. Why oh why isn't crimped hair coming back???

Amy said...

I like/love Kim Orlandini photog on facebook ;)

Amy said...

And I 'liked' the Gardner village page too

Instant Mother said...

Favorite thing about Gardner village = it's my family, he's my great, great grand father. I love the restaurant makes me feel like I actually have a family.

Favorite Halloween tradition = carving pumpkins with my kids and eating ghosts in the graveyard ( shepherds pie with the mashed potatoes shaped like a ghost on top)

Dressing up as a construction worker, most recent "flavor of the month" was the inspiration.

Love you and your photos kim

Emilie Rawson

Instant Mother said...

Favorite thing about Gardner village = he's my great great grandfather so eating at the restaurant makes me feel like I have a family.

Favorite Halloween tradition = carving pumpkins with my kids then eating ghosts in the graveyard (shepherds pie with the mashed potatoes shaped like a ghost)

Dressing up like a construction worker. "flavor of the month" was the inspiration.

Love you and your beautiful photographs, Kim.

Emilie Rawson

JaNean said...

Our favorite Halloween tradition is going over to my grandmother's for family night and carving pumpkins and eating doughnuts and caramel apples. LOVE IT!

JaNean said...

I liked Gardner village! and I already like your page :)

JaNean said...

And for Halloween I will be dressing up as.... A domestic diva! Ok I am lying I am not going to dress up at all ;)

mrs. r said...

Fave thing about GV? Camilla with the bunny.

mrs. r said...

Fave Halloween tradition: Eating all the PB cups out of my kids trick or treat bags after they go to bed. I am awesome.

mrs. r said...

I love checking out KOP on the FB. She's my fave. ;)

mrs. r said...

Checked out GV on FB. The petting zoo is still there? I thought it bit the dust! I love that place. Your llama picture made me LOL.

Becky Rose said...

Your children are beautiful! Truly they are. That place sounds like a dream. I love animals so if I was close that's what I'd love the most!

Sarah said...

We love visiting the witches at Gardner Village, my children get so excited!
I'm most likely going to be a witch for Halloween! Happy Halloween to you! Absolutely love your photos, darling kids. xo

Mostly Jessica said...

I know I missed the giveaway, but I just LOVED that picture of the deer. SOOOO Cute!!! And your kids are cute as always :)