Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wasatch Front Farmers Market at Gardner Village

A visit to the local farmer's market is the epitome of summer to me. Supporting local and indulging in all that means is by far the best part of summer and fall. You may recall that last year was my first visit to a farmer's market (terrible I know) but since that time, I became obsessed. I felt like the luckiest girl when I got an email from the Wasatch Front Farmers Market asking me to come join them for their delicious breakfast held weekly on Saturdays at Gardner Village and Sundays at Wheeler Farm.

The Wasatch Front Farmer's market breakfast rivals any breakfast your mom ever made. You can taste the freshness of everything, from the eggs to the pancakes. We all left so so full.

Jothan and I loved the sausage and even ate Emmaree' lucky for us she isn't a fan.

Even Camilla ate! If you know Camilla you also know that this is history in the making. The breakfast is sure to entice any fine diner. Just look at that pinky.

Memms got the scone and she loved every single bite. Love her.

It was so fun to eat breakfast under the huge orange umbrellas as we were serenaded by this gentlemen. He made our toes tap. We may have even done a jig or two.

My kids loved the animals. One of the vendors let them pet every animal they had to offer, from a tiny pony to letting them hold this gray rabbit. They were in love and begging to take him home.

We always seek out two things when we visit the market. First up? Fresh peaches. Huge peaches. Juicy peaches. This ones were no exception.

The kids begged to have their faces painted. I relented to the inner child in me screaming that she too wanted her face painted. (I squelched the mother in me that was screaming it was way too expensive.)

Then we sought out our second favorite delight. Fresh limeades. This vendor, Holly's, added a fresh slice of peach covered in turbinado sugar to her drink. An extra special treat. She even has an adorable little swimming pool and water guns set out for the kids to cool off from the heat and all of the shopping. A much needed refresher for my kids, even if we left soaking wet.


We ended the day with the whirlygigs and talked to the adorable man who makes them. He reminded me so much of my grandfather, I had to fight back stinging tears. We bought a whirlygig and then made a visit to my grandmother's house because the ache was so much.

I adore the memories I get to make with my children. Thankful to have the now yearly trek to the farmer's market to renew our relationships and create lasting memories for them.

***Disclosure: The Wasatch Front Farmer's Market provided a free breakfast for my family and asked me to tell you about my experience. As always, my opinions are accurate and my own.***


Emily said...

Oh my gosh, this looks like so much fun! My kids would love this and the breakfast is totally affordable. Going to do this for sure before summer's end. I'm serious.

Jess from Coxs Corner said...

This looks like a blast! I LOVE your pictures and your cute little ones! What a fun tradition!

Sell...Party Of 5 said...

Your pictures are amazing, as always. I will for sure be hittin' this up.

Amy said...

that sounds and looks super fun. I want to take my kids now!

Leslie said...

Oh my gosh, that last photo is to die for.

Josh and Anna said...

I love the picture of the girls twirling, so so so precious!

Sarah said...

This post makes me happy! So many good memories made, with your sweet family. My favorite are the peaches as well! xo

Sarah said...

This post makes me happy! So many sweet memories made with your sweet kids...they are adorable, just like there Momma! My favorite are the peaches as well! xo

Elisa said...

I love the farmers market too. I will defiantly have to check out the one at Gardner's Village next year. Oh, and if we ever do have a playdate I will bring my face paints for all the kidos.

mrs. r said...

I love that photo of the girls twirling! BEAUTIFUL!

We need to do this on Saturday for sure.