Monday, February 22, 2010

How big is YOUR heart? Guest Blogger: J-Dawg

I wanted to tell you a story about my Uncle Jason.

He was the same age as my mom.

I wish I had a picture of me with Jason.

He was born with a special heart.
He was born with Pulmonary Atresia.
That is a fancy way of saying that he was born with no pulmonary valve.
His artery was also not attached properly.
My grandma told me about it, but it is hard to understand.
She told me that they were using part of a pig's heart to help him to live a long and happy life. The reason I don't have a photo of me and Uncle Jason, is because he died during the operation. He was only one year old.

This week my school is doing a fundraiser for the
American Heart Association
to help kids who were born with special hearts like my Uncle.

My mom knows a lot of people with special hearts.

She was telling me that the AHA Research is responsible for so many things:

Heart Bypass
Heart Attack Recovery
Open Heart Surgery
High Cholesterol Medications
Automated External Defibrillators
New Heart Valves
Heart Transplant

Will you help me raise $100 for the American Heart Association?

Click here to donate through my web page

If you do, it will help people like my friends:

Duston's wife
My Uncle Jason
My daddy's Uncle Mel who lived 10 more years because of a successful heart transplant

And many more!

Thanks a bunch...and I promise to jump really good.
I am practicing all the time.




Jill K said...

Good Luck, J-Dawg! I will help spread the word:)

Arianne said...

love you J-dawg, I will pass the word too! we WILL get your 100.00 buddy'

Lace said...

Ayla, Tayvie, & Lyndlee were excited to donate their birthday cash to your cause J-dawg... okay, well, Ayla was excited to help kid's hearts, Tayvie & Lyndlee didn't really understand! :) You're getting so close!!! :)

mandee said...

You know it! You too have a special heart! I think you get it from your mommy!

Cardalls said...

my brother-in-law Paul Cardall was also born with a special heart and had tricuspid atresia (different valve, same problem). He received a heart transplant in September at age 36 and is making awareness of congenital defects his mission. He is inspirational and a living walking miracle. He is also a pretty good musician. His blog is REad up on him...and while I won't donate to your cause, I donated to his cause last week at an auction so the funds are low at our house :)

mrs. r said...

jump like a wild man, joth. love you!

Camille said...

I support anything with a great cause! Good for yoU!