Friday, February 26, 2010

Hoping to Adopt- Josh & Kenna

Well, hello! We are Josh and Kenna. This year we will be finishing up our 4th year of marriage, and we are currently on the path towards our first adoption. Our path towards parenthood was not meant to be short or traditional, but we have embraced adoption as we have seen it work miracles in our own lives as well as many others. We know this is what years of infertility have lead us to and we are grateful and excited.

Josh & I are easy going individuals. We love being outside, especially the beach. Josh loves to ride the waves on his boogie board and I like to lay out in the sun with my ipod. If we aren't outside, we are inside watching a good flick or engaging in some healthy Wii competition. We love to be active and to spent time with our family and friends.

We can't wait to welcome a sweet little to our family!

If you would like more information about Josh and Kenna, please visit their blog here:

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