Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Bound" and Determined.

To do what? Get my life story into books and not just online.

I just finished this AH-mazing little book from:

Cherish Bound

It is in the mail as I speak, so as soon as it arrives
I am totally going to take pictures and post them.

I have been wanting to make books from my blog labels for awhile now, and decided to start out with this label:

From the Mouths of Babes
Teary just thinking about it.

Squee! I get such delight out of these posts, it will be so great to have a book that we can look at and read
we want.
My kids LOVE having books just about them, with THEIR pictures, their story.

How did I hear about Cherish Bound? I had THE most awesome time a few weeks back learning more about them when the put on a fun little evening along with the

Timpanogos Story Telling Festival.

(Looking SUPER forward to attending this with my kidlets...if you have never gone YOU MUST. It made me feel like a kid again, just sitting in awe at the talent of these storytellers.)

The books are so fun, they have so many ideas to get you started on making your own book, and it was super fast.
I made and finished my book in two hours! If you have been contemplating making any type of book for yourself...go and DO IT!

My friend Cass was over here holding Millz while I made my book, she loved my book so much she wants to make one of her own. Thanks for holding babes for me Cass!


Holly said...

I need to do this so bad too. I used to scrapbook but that came to a screeching halt as soon as Robbie was born.

Lace said...

I have been dying to do this too. I've done books for others but never gotten around to my own! I really think this is the BEST & QUICKEST way to do it! Can't wait to see yours!