Tuesday, December 11, 2007


The twin friends demonstrate a mean game of Ring Around:

Just one of the many things I have been working on. I always hate going so long without posting. Luckily Moosh in Indy saw this and got my back.
I know ya'll hate it when I make comments about my crazy busy life, but well, it was none other than that. Crazy, and busy. Finals are over (I only had two...nothing to complain about right?) Well, one of those finals ripped my heart out. Sad. I have this teach...who shall remain nameless, who I wish would be a little kinder and look for a little more good than bad. I can take CC, that is not the issue...it is just his way of "CC" it is more of the second C than the first. Anyway, it took me a few days to get over that. Can't say I am completely over it, but ya...trying.
My boys are back! WAHOO! It is always so stressful during the days they fly. This was their second trip to Brasil without me. The first time I was pregnant with Memm and couldn't go. This time Memm and I didn't have time to get our visas. We missed them terribly and I, more than anything think I missed the photo opportunity. I kept thinking of the wonderful way I could capture my husband, possibly for the last time with is grandmothers. Or my children sitting on their laps while they told them stories about their youth, or loved ones long since past. I really was heartbroken not to have been able to go. It brings tears to my eyes, but was so thankful to have heard the stories from Hubbs about them and hope he takes the time to write them down, things so easily lost in the shuffle. His grandmothers are the most humble women I have ever met. I would like to do a blog about one of them sometime. Remarkable, that is one word to describe her. Hero is another. Humble is probably the most descriptive. I miss her.
I am looking forward to a few weeks off. Today was probably the busiest day of my photography career. Christmas Rush doesn't begin to describe it. I am so thankful for this little side career I have going. It has been a tremendous blessing, that hopefully will pay off next year. I almost have my equipment paid back and school for this year. Now I just need to finish paying for the workshops I want to attend next year. Hawaii in March and possibly Chicago in June.
Well, that is it from Simply Me. Hope you are all enjoying this joyous season!


Amy and Josh said...

I can relate to the whole critical teacher thing, I always wanted to push mine off the curb or fax them a nasty letter telling them off-it is probably a good thing I didn't.

I think you are a way awesome photographer Kim, very very talented!!

Anyway, I am glad finals are over for you and that you have more time to be with those guys in your life and your Sweet Emms.

blair said...

I love CC, it's what helps me grow. However just plain criticism tells me this professor may be jealous of your talent, because oh my heck look at your work!!!

blair said...

p.s. emms is so much taller than her friend! it's cute.

moosh in indy. said...

Ooh I wanna smoosh your face.

Amy said...

Aww, some teachers just have sticks up their bum. I love your work. :)

And holy cow, cute kids! Their holding hands reminds me of the pics of you and Casey holding hands... its a sweet sign of friendship! (Wow, talk about horrible grammar and sentence structure!)

ec said...

photographical hero...that's what you are to me.


and cute kiddos, as usual.

relax a little over the holidays, k?

Lace said...

I'm so excited to see these pictures! We sure have cute girls! I love that they got to play... they loved it too, they had fun together!

Glad you are getting a break (atleast from work probably nothing else), also glad your boys are back... Kim did it so can I, 4 more days for me!

mommyoffour said...

I agree, you are my photographical hero as well! Just know that there are tons and tons of people who love you and admire your work! So glad the finals are over for you! Enjoy your break, you deserve it!

Emms sure is growing up, love these pics!!

Arianne said...

I love all your posts and all the stories about your beautiful family. I love these pictures of cute emms. YES she is looking so big lately! I agree with everyone else You are TOTALLY my photography hero!!! You inspire so many people you are an amazing woman! I hope you have a great break and enjoy every minute of it. love you lots!

Carlotta said...

my turn to come play Rosie with Emm!!! I love photography and to be able to see the world through the eyes of the beholder.

Shannon said...

I always love reading your thoughts, your little Emm is so cute! Happy photography break!