Monday, December 10, 2007

My Christmas Present to YOU!

I would like to give all of you professional and up and coming photographers (and anyone in between) a special holiday goodie. A Q&A. There have been a few questions in the past weeks that I didn't know how to answer, or didn't get around to answering. So, ask, ask, ask away and I shall answer as best I can. If I don't know then I will try to find the answer!
I'll give you a few days, and post the answers here!
And the questions DO NOT have to be photography related. I saw questions about how I do my hair. You guys are funny. I'll answer wouldn't be the first to ask...


blair said...

1. whats your favorite lens
2. whats the most valuable lesson you've learned when it's come to your work.
3. what lens is in this picture.- now i can't find the picture, but it's you and mooshinindy...

P.S. I totally stole your laundry tips and my laundry smells like amazing 24/7 now! THANK YOU!

(i am a question hog apparently!

Christal said...

Hey kim I love Q & A's so here goes

-What camera do you use?

- What is the best lens for family portraits inside & out?

-what is the best photoshop for the basic skin tone and eye pop w/o paying big photoshop professional price?

-You are awesome and your pictures are amazing!!

Natalie said...

Where are some fun places that you like to shoot? Where would you say you go the most??
Thanks so much :)

Sam, Sam & Hollie said...

You never cease to amaze me! Do you ever stop giving of yourself? I do have a couple of burning questions. First, I'm having a hard time not blowing out the snow. So, I've been shooting around f8 or so. The only problem is, then the shutter speed isn't fast enough to get a crisp image. I'm worried about bumping up my ISO because I don't want to blow out the flippin' snow! Grrr.

Last, I have an indoor (ward house) family reunion session coming up. What settings would you recommend using for my flash, aperture, etc, etc, etc? Also, any ideas on back drop? The church doesn't exactly offer a stunning scenery selection.

Thanks, Kim! You are the whoa-man!

mama c said...


i want to know your photoshop routine.

i struggle between too little and too much...


you are my hero.

caleb.w.cannon said...


i lost your number. i want to shoot soon (over the break) send me an e.mail or call.


Lace said...

Hey I would like to hear where you like to do your shoots. You've found some fun places, I would like to hear where they are and how you find out about them. Thanks! Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I happened upon your site from Moosh in Indy, and I love your work! Two of questions have kind of been touched on by others, I'm just a little more feel free to lump in my answer with someone else's!

1. i would love to hear more about your caera gear - what you use the most, and what pieces are your favourite. Do you use any fixed focal length lenses?

2. What version of photoshop/photo processing software do you use? What program would you recommed from someone who is a little short on the budget side, but really, really wants to get into the next step of digital photography? (ie. post

3. I am inspired to see someone build a business around doing somethig they obviously love, and still take time with family. How do you balance the needs of both?


-loving your shots all the way over here in Canada,