Friday, December 7, 2007

Kim's mine. mine. mine. MINE!

Hello Kim's gentle readers,

This is Casey from moosh in indy. Maybe you've heard of me. Maybe you've met me. Maybe you're aware that Kim is one of the best things that ever happened to me. Were you also aware that Kim is one of my three favorite people in the state of Utah? Then you should also know that Kim is one of the most hysterical people I know. You knew she was funny right?

No? It may be hard to tell with all her "BOO HOO I miss my husband" stuff and all her pretty pictures taking over her site. But trust me.


Still not convinced? Hmm.

Well, let me give you some proof.

Some of you who are kind enough to comment over at my place tell me that I make you laugh. (thank you). Kim makes me laugh. Often at inappropriate times. And quite often when someone has a camera in our face. Or when her camera is in my face.


<span class=HAR HAR." src="" width=375>

There she is looking all beautiful and sublime while I'm there, well, all contorted.

Let's see another example.Me, laughing again.

Yep, there she is thinking not much in the world is funny and there's me having to hold onto a pole to keep myself upright.

Moving on. Oh yes.

When she takes my picture.

all the ladies laughing

At least my mom is with me on this one. My sister's hard to crack.

Then there's this one.

oh, yep, there's my tonsils.

Oh, yep, there's my tonsils. Uh huh. Right there. Any doctors in the house? Are they looking healthly? Because they've given me trouble in the past, I really think they should have been removed a long time ago but my mom said that...oh...what? This is about Kim?



My point.

Finally my mom was able to get us.


No Kim showing me up with her smiling eyes and sparkling personality.

No tonsils.

Just us.

<span class=BFFs 4ever 2cute2B4gotten" src="" width=500>

Wow, right? We should sell lip gloss, or mascara, or hair product, or skin care or even Visene.

I heart you Kim. You Sears shopping husband misser. (By the way, are you over that yet? Because I still have TWO WEEKS UNTIL I SEE MINE. And what? Oh, right. IT'S ALREADY BEEN WHAT? THREE WEEKS. humph.)

love you!


ec said...

holy crap. that is the most beautiful picture of the both of you that i have ever seen.

you ladies are lovely.


Carrie said...

Oh my FREAKIN' WOW!!! You two are both gorgeous ladies! I think some high school boys refer to it as, um, MILFS! He he! Casey's mom is AMAZING!

And Casey, you look BEE YOU TEE FUL with your tonsils hanging out all over the place! Love ya!

kimsueellen said...

"Look at this, Mommy CRYING!"

I dunno that is what she said about the one in the green shirt, looks like I'm in pain.

I heart you too! Yes, I am over the hubby being gone...he is back now. I feel your pain. I just love mine...and really, REALLY realized it for once!

Carlotta said...

wonderful post, i don't think enough good things can be said about Kim. she is a beautiful person inside and OUT!!! Thank you kim =)

Cassie said...

Oooohhhh, you are two BEAUTIFUL women. I heart you both and I've never even met Casey, but I feel I need to...

me said...

FREAKIN GORGEOUS!!!!!! Seriously, you two look like you're Sisters! Beautiful!

Amanda said...

So beautiful. Can't tell you that enough!

Barrett said...

Yes, you should model! That is a very nice picture! You both make me laugh! Even though I don't know Moosh's mommy-I feel like I do from looking at {stalking} your website! ;) Miss ya Kim! Are we having another Birthday Celebration in January? Can it be EXACTLY like last years except at your new house? Mmm yummy food! I guess it can be a little different-the kiddos don't have to sit in their diapers on the floor to eat their cake. Unless you prefer it that way....

Amy said...

awesome pic. However, I'm a fan of the laughing-so-hard-you-can't-see-straight pics too! Gorgeous. :)

Amy and Josh said...

beautiful pictures . . . I heart you too Kimmie.

Christal said...

You are beautiful !! That was so fun to read its so awesome to have such great friends!!!

Brenley said...

That is really truly a beautiful picture! Kim you seem like an amazing person. I really wish that I knew you or could at least meet you someday! And what an amazing friend you have, friends really are priceless!

Ponczoch Family said...

So beautiful... Kim, glad your hubby is back! It really stinks without them, doesn't it?

mommyoffour said...

Yes!! Kim is gorgeous, Kim is funny, Kim is an awesome friend, and Kim is fun to be around!! She truly is amazing - she is everything any woman would want to be! Love you Kimmie!!

kimsueellen said...

Flavio said:
Nice picture... I am not sure what to think!!!! :)

Crooked Eyebrow said...

Holy cow that last picture of you two is gorgeous. Stunning. You all will drop jaws at blogher together. Have fun.