Thursday, September 6, 2007

This page just needed an update!

I was SO tired of coming here and seeing that awful orange photo of Emm. It is something that happens in Microsoft after I size for web. Totally weird. Anyway, here is proof I take AWFUL photos all the time, but I LOVE THIS ONE. Some strange, odd reason, the focus is off, it is blurry, I dunno, probably because she is smiling?
We'll be gone for the weekend. Guess we're taking our Labor Day weekend a week late. Hope everyone is doing well...sorry my life is so boring, not much to talk about. Did finish reading Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. Hoping #2 gets better...just started that one. Love to read, but hate how it consumes my life, anyone else EVER have that problem?


ec said...

kim...i love that picture too. i think that we should all be more like kids, eh?

so the book...i totally just finished reading it. and yes, it totally consumes my life. harry potter...yikes. that was scary. i ignored the girls for 3 days.

back to twilight. i disliked (hate is too strong of a word) the first 400ish pages. my husband and i dubbed it 'forbidden vampire love' for kicks, but the end totally got me into it. now i'll have to read the other 2.

enjoy your holiday!

Samantha said...

Yes, yes, yes! I finished the whole Twilight series & now I'm starting it over. Obsession much? When I'm reading a book, it's all I want to do. I'm glad I'm not the only one like that.

Shannon said...

You better not forget about our wedding on Sunday! YOu think you don't want to do it alone? I don't either! 5 hours without someone to help me point out all the crazies in the families and such! BORING! I will have to call you to get a meeting time set up and stuff...

Amy and Josh said...

So you entered the life of Edward Cullen-are you completely obsessed with that book? I am a Twilight junkie and can't put it down for the life of me when I get started.
It gets better, but yes it does consume so much time and the house seems to fall apart . . . But for Edward it is worth it! I have read all three twice and it is so good, can't wait for the fourth one next year.

Arianne said...

ok I finished Twilight on our trip and I LOVE LOVE LOVED it! I haven't gotten my hands on the second book but I hope to soon. It was SO GOOD!

I have to say I do love htat picture of Emms love the messy face. :)