Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Carnahan Family

"Family Squish" Check out Grandpa in both of these! So cute!
"Do your own thing!"
"Squish your Mom!" They took this one literally.

A la Brady Bunch

Mom came up with this idea, LOVED IT!

This family was SO much fun to photograph. Everyone was so cooperative, I felt like I was photographing my own family. I love it when people can (literally) kick their shoes off and have a good time and just be themselves. My favorite thing to hear, "I don't know HOW to POSE!" My answer, "THEN DON'T!" I hate posing (although sometimes it is a necessity) but love when people are SIMPLY THEMSELVES. THAT is what I want to capture, that is why I do this, to create memories of YOU, not a "perfect" you...just you, who you are today.
Loved "Jack" he is the grandpa, he was SO hilarious. And Becky (grandma) is so gorgeous, I want to be that beautiful when I mature. My favorite part of the night was when the teenagers REALLY got into it and started asking, "Can we do this? Can we do that?" Love my job! Love. It. Thanks so much for allowing me the opportunity to photograph your beautiful family, hope you enjoy!


Sam, Sam & Hollie said...

What awesome candids! You know those are always my favorites! As always, you're amazing!

Cassie said...

LOVE THIS!!! Those are awesome Kim. It looks like they were just hanging out, having a blast.

Rebecca Tyler said...

What a FUN family! I love all of these. :o)