Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What can you live without?

Yesterday, after a full day of deep Spring cleaning of my kitchen (praise me), I decided to sit my ars down and watch me some afternoon telly. After watching a rousing hour of Dr. Phil discuss how to cut our grocery bill IN HALF...Hubbs got home and sat down just as Oprah was beginning.

(Let it be known that if Hubbs is home, he will watch Dr. Phil and Oprah 99% of the time. He is addicted. I think it is hilarious.)

Anyway, Oprah was quite interesting. You should go check out the story on her site.

Basically she talked about "What can you live without?" And asked the question, then had some amazing guests on who talked about ways they simplified their lives. I won't lie when I had the small desire to run out and sell my house and move into a cottage in the woods...holla! But quickly recovered when I realized that indeed I can't live without my "square-footage". (It makes me feel good...that is what Oprah said anyway...let's talk about her square footage. Huh hmmm.)

So, it got us on the discussion with our little fam about what we could live without. So I asked Hubbs and J-Dawg what they thought.

Jokingly I asked Jay and Hubbs if they thought they could live without ice cream...immediately the question was shot back,

"Could you?!"

"Duh! Of course I can...I don't really even like it anyway, except that one kind...so ya, I could!"

The boys never did give me a straight answer, then J-Man shoots back with the following:

"Well, you can live without it then. But not me, Daddy, and Memms!"


The proof of that was discovered when I came across a receipt this morning that stated that at 3:31 a.m. wilst my Hubbs went out to get electrical tape, he also bought three quarts of:

Dove ice cream.

I'm really going to have to find out what they CAN live without.
(And living without putting your shoes away does not count.)


kimsueellen said...

Well... in my defense... (1) you said it jokingly, (2) it was only 2 quarts and it was the kind J-Man likes, (3) if you are up for the challenge... I can do it - piece of cake, and (4)... not sure... yet! ;-)


Holly said...

I'm sorry to hear y'all are sick with the goopy eyes and sore throat...but...so are we! Argh! I hate flu season.

Cassie said...

LOL, love the comment from the Flav. Suprisingly, I have found that I actually can survive without my pepsi. Didn't really think I could, but... I'm still here. :)

Anna said...

Great post Kim, What can I live without? Socks, I don't like socks. When I'm home I am always bare foot, winter or summer. I just don't like socks very much.

Lace said...

This is funny! I love that Flavio watches Oprah and Dr. Phil! That's awesome! I have been wanting to simplify my life too, it's a great idea. I've been going through things and trying to get rid of stuff we don't need or use- getting rid of the clutter!

That Oprah, man, she's a smart chick!