Thursday, June 28, 2007

I'm back?!

Well, sort of. I know, I know, you are all SICK and tired of hearing me complain about this and that. We FINALLY got our phone hooked up on Monday, but we are still without Internet fast enough for me to upload a photograph without a nice long nap before it is uploaded...two words DIAL-UP. How did I ever live with this for so long? Ug. Anyway, it seems like I have a BAJILLION sessions to share, and I feel like some of my clients were jipped because they didn't get their photos uploaded to Instaproofs yet. I am so sorry, but no worries, they all have their images and their prints is good in that aspect. Yay, it is about time! I am sure that is what everyone was thinking, especially those of you who, instead of receiving a portrait of your family...I showed up on your doorstep with a photograph of a bride and groom. Yeah, my printer messed up royally, but they made up for it by sending us new prints UBER fast...and two I might add. So, hopefully when I showed up on your doorstep with not only one...but two 16x20's it made up for it? Who doesn't need a 16x20 print of their family in their living room and their bathroom? What?! You don't have one in your bathroom? You must call me, I can hook you up! (I am being sarcastic people...this is how my life has been...KrAzY!)An update on life here in our household. We are all moved in. With the exception of our scrapbook room/office...we turned one of our unfinished room into a family office. Complete with "Flavio's corner office, and my scrapbook crap...stuff I haven't touched in a year. NO JOKE. Sad. My studio is almost put computer should be here by the end of next week. I am so excited I can hardly stand it! Fast...a screen that is so sharp I can almost touch the images, and the pie de resistance...PHOTOSHOP! YES, P-H-O-T-O-S-H-O-P! Oh man...I have done so well so far, but to finally have this wonder, is going to be well, WONDERFUL. We are still waiting on backdrops and lighting as I am going to have a VERY small studio set up in my home, but natural light is totally my thing, but I have a lot of love for all areas of photography so we'll see how all of that goes. Emmaree is in a big girl bed. We went back and forth a little wondering if it was the right time...we moved Jothan into a big bed when he was her age...but at that time we were expecting a baby to join our family within a few weeks and were thrust into it...needless to say we jumped in and just didn't set up the crib on our new house, and she has done wonderfully, with the exception of the other morning when I forgot to close her door before I went to bed and I awoke to her screaming in the basement. I guess she had woken up at around five and went looking for me, and went all the way downstairs (where I work and we usually play) and when she didn't find anyone she freaked out! I found her screaming at the top of her lungs with the biggest alligator tears E V E R! I felt AWFUL, and scooped her up and allowed her to spend the rest of our "bedtime" in my bed, although I am not sure that either of us slept much.Speaking of photography...the class I am taking this summer is AMAZING. It is keeping me out of the loop for sure though. I am in class 12 hours a week and working on the class almost that has been a part time job. Funny to report that I have only picked up my digi four times in the past month, and it was only for photoshoots. I have been working striclty black and white film, and can't wait to share some of the wonderful things I have created. I made this print today of Miss Emm. W-O-W. This is something I have been wanting to learn/do/create for a long time. I am really looking forward to studying medium format and furthering my craft through this type of film. I am hooked!Finally, an update on our adoption process. When we moved we had to have another home study, that went really well, it made us have to get our house in order even faster, which was a big blessing. We are getting a new caseworker in July as ours is moving to New York. We will sure miss our Kate, she was wonderful. We are still working on getting our profile up for now if you all could network for us, and please share our story with anyone you come in contact with that may be able to help us find our next little one. We are so ready. I had some really neat experiences happen to me this past week, the spirit has been so strong in my heart and I only hope this means that there is a baby coming soon. Again, if anyone does know of someone, I can send you a copy of our profile for you to share with them. We love each of you who have already shared our story with others...we'll see if any of it comes full circle, but just knowing that you are willing to share, and remembering us is very touching, words cannot express our love and gratitude to you!Well, that is about all from us here tonight. I'll leave you with a copy of our "Adoption Collage" I think it turned out pretty cute...since it took me hours and hours to create do you digital scrapbookers do it? I need a little help for sure!

I did end up changing this second page a bit, but simply cannot find where on earth I saved it on this computer...but you get the idea, I think I took of "family fun" (I hated it, but it was suggested to us to put it on there, it is just SO not me!) Thanks to Holly and Leisha for the some of the photographs. What amazingly talented women, I am so blessed to have them as my friends, and their work helped me to create a beautiful collage!Anyway, miss you all, I am slowly catching up on your if you see me comment that means I have caught up on your happenings, can't wait to be a part of your lives everyday again!

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