Sunday, December 24, 2006

And Now

Six years and thirty pounds ago, we were sealed in the temple for all eternity on December 23, 2000. It is so hard to believe that it has been six years since that lovely day. Flavio took me to the temple, and it was so nice to see other brides freezing, I was so glad it wasn't me! Then we were off to see The Work and the Glory. We had some time to kill so we ended up at of my favorite stores--TARGET! We ended the evening with a lovely dinner at The Roof. I lugged my camera along on our date all I wanted was the "perfect picture" which didn't happen--I should have hired someone! I love the bottom photograph even though it is overexposed, I even took others to try to make up for the overexposure, but this was still my favorite because Flavio was kissing me and making me laugh so the body language was just so real. I am so thankful for this kind and loving man. He is a wonderful husband and father, and even though he drives me crazy, and makes me scream now and then, he is in love with me, and I with him. I am sure I give him my fair share of headaches now and then! As the years go by my love only deepens for this soul whom Heavenly Father saw fit we should meet and become one--a forever family--I can't wait!

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