Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Glycolic Chemical Peel | Giveaway | Elase Medical Spa

Since high school I have been intrigued by the chemical peel process. I have always had pretty good skin, until I hit 30. Then my skin was all, "Hey, you're 30 now...so I'm gonna give you all the Hell I have got to give!" Then I cried and cried as my pores have gotten bigger and my chin clogged. Sigh.

Why must we continue to suffer with icky skin all our life? So, my timing of learning about the amazingness that can happen at Elase Medical Spas, and my skin woes were simply serendipity. I love serendipity, don't you?

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to have my very first chemical peel. I have gushed about the women at Elase, and this time was no different. I was a little apprehensive this time. Usually I am not too nervous about trying new things, but I mean, chemicals going on my face...about to peel it off? Yeah, I needed some hand holding. However, my excitement was never lacking at how my face would look and feel after my first peel.

 photo ElaseMedicalSpasChemicalPeelRevitalizeChemicalPeelSkinMedicaChemicalPeel001_zpsdc5d02f4.jpg

I always love me a pretty magazine to thumb through while I wait, and this was the first and only time I have ever had to wait at Elase. (Rad huh?) I was a little sad it was only 5 minutes because I was really getting into the article on simple life changes that make a big impact. Oh and they have Wint-o-green Lifesavers, if you are into those. (Yum.)
  photo ElaseMedicalSpasChemicalPeelRevitalizeChemicalPeelSkinMedicaChemicalPeel002_zpse9608895.jpg

One of the things I love about Elase is that they are C L E A N. It is a medical facility and cleaner than any hospital I have ever been in. The lighting is soft and the colors and decor pretty, so while it is a medical spa you don't feel like you are about to have a pap smear or anything. Go Elase!
  photo ElaseMedicalSpasChemicalPeelRevitalizeChemicalPeelSkinMedicaChemicalPeel003_zps7e3e3427.jpg

Eeeek, this Chemical Peel was really about to go down!
  photo ElaseMedicalSpasChemicalPeelRevitalizeChemicalPeelSkinMedicaChemicalPeel004_zps29c46e99.jpg

I had the Vitalize Peel from Skin Medica. It is a three step process and Tracey, who was performing the Chemical Peel, was so knowledgeable and made sure to explain every step of the process in detail. Everything she told me would happen, did happen. She told me what I could expect, and so when it happened I felt great! Go Tracey!
  photo ElaseMedicalSpasChemicalPeelRevitalizeChemicalPeelSkinMedicaChemicalPeel005_zps71a14966.jpg

Here I am before. Tracey cleaned my face and neck before the peel. Looking good.
  photo ElaseMedicalSpasChemicalPeelRevitalizeChemicalPeelSkinMedicaChemicalPeel006_zpsec31f8d0.jpg

Here I am after Step 2 was complete. Step 2 is the actual chemical portion of the peel. This step is added on in layers and Tracey asked after each layer how I was feeling, what my pain level was at, etc. She never let me go over a pain level of 3 or 4. We did 3 layers of the Chemical Peel before we we called it. After Step 2 we waited for my pain level to go back to 0 before adding the last step.
  photo ElaseMedicalSpasChemicalPeelRevitalizeChemicalPeelSkinMedicaChemicalPeel007_zps6540d54e.jpg

Here the gorgeous Tracey is applying the last step of the peel which contains Retinol. The Retinol helps the peeling process solidify (I am not a scientist, but that is the best way to explain it.) This step goes to work for a few hours after the peel to really put the peel to work. You can see my face is red at this point, but not so bad I couldn't go to the baby shower I had scheduled to attend afterward.

Tracey then put on some Obagi Sunscreen. Only THE best sunscreen in the entire world. I have another post to gush about Obagi skincare another day...but seriously...THE BEST.

Here I am via Instagram minutes after my first Chemical Peel.
  photo ElaseMedicalSpasChemicalPeelRevitalizeChemicalPeelSkinMedicaChemicalPeel008_zps22c253eb.jpg

My gorgeous face three days later via Intagram. My face peeled from my mouth out, just like Tracey said. I did not peel in sheets like some people do/can. I pretty much flaked and looked like one for 9 days until my face went back to normal.

My skin feels a lot smoother since my peel. I had a lot of people ask me if I would do it again and the answer is YES...as long as I can hide out for the week during the flaking.
  photo ElaseMedicalSpasChemicalPeelRevitalizeChemicalPeelSkinMedicaChemicalPeel009_zpsc7649a46.jpg
 photo obagi-nu-derm-physical-sunblock-spf-32_zps9d7cdb10.jpg

Elase Medical Spas are so awesome they are giving one of my lucky readers a Glycolic Chemical Peel and an Obagi Physical UV Block Sunscreen, a $134 value!

Thanks Elase!
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SuperMomTested said...

Hope I win!!!

SuperMomTested said...

I really hope i win!!!

Jill @ Being Spiffy said...

Considering I'm not ritualistic about any skincare, I'd say whenever I wash my face is amazing!

Mary Rodriguez said...

I would really love to win!!!

Yvonne said...

You are so pretty!

Amy said...

Kim you know this is for me:) I so hope I win this, my skin is wishing for it.

pearlseyes said...

Treating myself to a at-home l2%TCA peel once every three months.

Maya B-Z said...

i am not great about skin care...just washing my face and sometimes swiping a neutrogena pad over my face.

Chris Autumn , Michael, Porter, and Arcko said...

Kim, do you know if you can get a peel if you are on any acne mediciation. I sooooo need this peel. I had acne real bad last year and since gotten alot of scars.

Mareefer said...

I have been doing the oil cleansing method about once a week. Which I have really liked. But like you, since I hit 30, I feel like my pores are HUGE! Would love to try this.

Emily said...

You are so brave! I've always wanted to do one of these but they kind of scare me. My current favorite skincare ritual is the facial wash from Soap & Glory followed by a good Oil of Olay night cream. :)

Amy said...

I wish I had a favorite skincare ritual. Anytime I do anything to my face, it flares up and blemishes abound. So we have a treaty going, I leave it alone and it promises not to zit too much.

Kristin @ TheVocalSokol.com said...

Um...how are you beautiful and wearing full make up during and after your peel? Can I wear make up during a peel?

myra payne said...

Pick me pick me!

myra payne said...

Pick me pick me!

Pilingas said...

Well.. I can't see a big difference between photos, maybe you could add photo without make up after peel? :)