Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Amber's Maternity Photographs | Magna, Utah

I quite possibly hit the jackpot in the sister in law department.


I was one lonely girl in my husband's family until Amber came along. We were instant friends, and even better, instant sisters.

We love to joke that we are married to the same man. (Her husband is the brother of my husband and they are very much alike.) It is so nice to have someone who I can laugh with about all of the ups and downs of marriage. I truly don't know what I would do without Amber.

I also love Amber when she let's me put her in weeds tall enough to devour her, and that are covered in tiny little green bugs, which I am certain she is still combing out of her hair.

She is expecting her second son TODAY! The second of three nephews being born this year. This little guy's name is still up in the air, maybe by the end of the day he will have one.

Congrats Amber and Fernando and big brother Max. Love you all so so so much.


 photo AmbersMaternity_FamilyPhotos025_zpsde2ab6de.jpg

 photo AmbersMaternity_FamilyPhotos023_zpsba27e6aa.jpg 
  photo AmbersMaternity_FamilyPhotos019_zps471c7178.jpg 
  photo AmbersMaternity_FamilyPhotos013_zps6e0a2a94.jpg 
  photo AmbersMaternity_FamilyPhotos007_zpsf0c78946.jpg 
  photo AmbersMaternity_FamilyPhotos003_zpsc32164b8.jpg 
  photo AmbersMaternity_FamilyPhotos100_zpse7d8349c.jpg 
  photo AmbersMaternity_FamilyPhotos096_zps0b315e97.jpg 
  photo AmbersMaternity_FamilyPhotos095_zpsfb0f5ee0.jpg 
  photo AmbersMaternity_FamilyPhotos089_zpsf62e0bd7.jpg


brenda said...

Beautiful sister and beautiful photohraphs!

Vanessa Brown said...

She is a cutie!!