Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Breathing Space | A Blogger Retreat

I am STOKED. The Breathing Space Blogger Retreat is this Friday and Saturday. I get giddy just thinking about it. I am so excited to meet new blogging friends and renew my love for all things blog.

I love Daybreak, it is one of my favorite places to photograph families. The lake is serene, the beach absolute fun, I long to live along it's banks. The bridges and concrete call to my photographer heart. I can't wait to walk along the shores and field by myself and just soak it all in.




I feel pretty lucky to have such a lovely event happening in Utah in our own backyard. It is going to be amazing. Friday can't come soon enough.
A special thank you to some of the sponsors of this event:

**Disclaimer: While I have been given a ticket to The Breathing Space Blogger Retreat. I have been asked to tell you all about these wonderful sponsors, I am in no way obligated to do so, however, I love each of these products and believe in supporting local whenever possible. I am genuinely excited for my adventures this weekend and am undeniably in love with Daybreak and this event, which would have been worth the ticket price times one hundred.**


our sweet lulu said...

GREAT work kim-o!!!

Ashley Smith said...

Nice shots! I especially love the girl against the wall. So interesting and made me stop and look at it for a while :-)

Anna Jaeger said...

Hope you have lots of fun.

Emily said...

You are so good! Love these pictures.

Sarah said...

Love the chubby little baby! Great shots, beautiful people. Hope you are well. xoxo

:: ashley :: said...

i LOVED Meeting you. i have been scanning your blog seems like you are going through some rough stuff, i agree blogging is cheaper than therapy so blog is out, can't wait to read more and support you along the way!