Friday, July 1, 2011

Welcome Kalista

View entire session and order prints here .

Did you see that I was guest posting over at the r house about pregnancy and infant loss this week? If not...go check it out, and many thank yous mrs. r for having me.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend as you celebrate our nation's birth...just like Kalista's parents. These birth stories always remind me of how precious life is and just how blessed I am to have my three littles.

Much love.



AlliSMiles said...

I'll always be so grateful to you for documenting my baby's birth. This one is also beautifully done.

I love you! Thanks for your pregnancy loss posts, too.

Emily said...

I simply can not look at these birth story posts any more. They make me want to have another baby. And NOTHING ever makes me want to have another baby!

Josh and Anna said...

Stunning Kim. You are so very, very talented. Anyone can take pictures, it takes talent like yours to capture the powerful emotions that you do. I get tears in my eyes everytime I look at one of your birth stories. To tell a story like that without words is amazing. you are amazing.

Katey said...

Ok, so I found your blog a few years ago through therhouse and I have yet to comment. But I can't contain myself. I have seen other photographers do birth stories but few capture the joy and emotion of that wonderful time. You seriously moved me to tears!

Now I wish that you lived in California so we could hire your if we have another baby!

Trina Knudsen said...

Beautifully done, Kim.