Thursday, November 5, 2009

Baby 'Grande' and Toes are WAY more exciting than me.

When J-dawg was a little tiny man, he got this baby doll for Christmas.
(Incidentally she is like half the price now...geez.)

My hope in getting him his own little doll (and I am obviously using that term loosely) was to prepare him for the eventuality of a little brother or sister one day, hoping that it would ease the transition.

The problem? The first words out of his mouth the instant he held it were, and I quote:

"Ooooooh! Bebe muito grande!"

(said like gah-ran-jee)

Basically my tiny boy was telling me that this doll was TOO freaking huge for him to handle,
it was seriously SOOOO big!

So, the name stuck.
To this very day, having been played with by J-dawg, and Memms, and one day soon, Millz...this doll is still called,

"Baby Grande".

Meet Baby Grande...
who may or may not have once been a "boy" to ease Hubbs into the idea of his son having a doll...and who somehow has blossomed into a yellow polka dot wearing baby girl.
Who knew?

Note Millz with Baby Grande just this week.
Please consider that Millz is now three months old:


Do you see Millie in that last picture?
My other dilemma.

She is in LOVE with her feet.

She just discovered them.

While I dearly love her in every way possible,
as a mother, it is hard for me to accept that she no longer wants to look at my face,
and as a photographer she no longer eagerly looks at my camera either.

Instead she would rather look at her toes.
Another sign that she is getting bigger.
Pause while I shed a tear.

Just don't tell her that I love her toes as much as she does,
if. not. more.


Cassie said...

I love this. You know you have to keep that doll forever right? The perfect thing to remind you how tiny she is... so sweet.

and um, I LOVE her hat. :)

ec said...

she is darling. i love her outfit. and her lips.

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

I love her rawkin' knew my fav color was orange, right?? Love it.

marci helen said...

wow she is a cute little one. i love her hat and those socks!

Trinbean said...

That is the freakin cutest halloween outfit!!! So dang cute!!!

Heather said...

well, it could have something to do with the socks? Eden LOVES her feet too...they taste especially good apparently.

Amber Ro said...

you are a great mom. love the socks, the hat, and as always, your great journaling style.

Heather said...

I remember when Giggles first found her feet. She would grab them but couldn't figure out how to let go. Boy that was a long 3 days of she grabs her feet, freaks when she can't let them go, I release her feet from her hands and the vicious cycle started all over again! for.three.days.straight.

It's a wonder I am still here 14 years 8 months later

Holly said...

That's so funny. I am so surprised hubbs let you buy a doll. Tob never ever would have gone for that...but how funny that thing is a real whopper! And of course, Millz is adorable.

Lace said...

hahaha! That is so cute! I love her little toesies too!

Barrett said...

She's such a doll! I love when babies find their feet, hands are fun too, and ears and nose... My kids seem to get stuck being obsessed with their ears (and noses! lol)