Monday, November 30, 2009

Alien Names

****If you weren't aware, Hubbs originates from the land of Brazil.
He came to the United States just shy of age 18.
This is important information to have upon reading this post.

A few weeks back, we were all driving in the car as a family.

We are conversing about names and whose dad is "Grandpa Fur-Face", and what is
his REAL name, and what is Grandma's name, etc...etc.

So I begin to tell J-dawg and Memms:

"Well, my mom's name is Mary.
her Husband is Joseph.

My dad's name is Don.
his wife's name is Tisha.

Grandma Lorraine's name is Lorraine.

Get it?"

To which J-Man promptly replies:

"Wow! At least they aren't alien names."

Me: "Alien Names?! What do you mean?"

J-Man: "You know Alien Names like: Flavio, Zuleide and Claudio."

The names of his dad, grandma and grandpa.

What I will or will not admit is that maybe just maybe I think they sound a bit alien too.
Hubbs just broke out into sheer laughter.

Needless to say upon further discussion,
(according to him mind you)
J-Man will under
no circumstances
be passing
along ANY of these family names to his children.


Ashley said...

Hey, even the "non-alien" names need to be addressed. Naming your child after yourself is never a good idea either.

My husband, Kenneth Michael is the son of Kenneth Frederick. My husband goes by "Mike" and his dad goes by "Ken."

We lived in the same town, same ward, went to the same doctor and are still paying for problems with the names.

Three years ago my husband had an infection that he had to get tested. The only way it could be billed was "gonorrhea screening." Well, the POSITIVE results got sent to my mother-in-law who quickly deduced it wasn't her husband and called to demand how Mike could have gotten it, because she knew HE wouldn't cheat. (Gotta love her.)

We've had our savings cleared out because his mom was on our bank account and she thought she was clearing out their account with the local bank after they moved.

When checking our credit score, we found out that a Home Depot card and Dress Barn card were on our account.

My favorite was when I was working for Siemens and had to call a medical center in New York. After I introduced myself, the woman asked, "Are you Ken's wife?" Since my husband works for the same company and some people know him as "Ken" I cheerfully said I was (it was my first day.) A very confused voice said, "Oh, well we have his cardiac scan..." I realized that his birth-date would be in front of her stating that the girl who sounds 12 on the phone is married to a man who's almost 50.

My husband is seriously considering dropping the Kenneth.

Maybe I can talk him into Claudio. How cool is that name?!

Kim said...

That is so hilarious!

Not quite as funny, but in school today, we were reading our News-2-You (kind of a weekly reader for special education), and it was talking about the National Christmas Tree and how it has a manger scene, menorah, and a Santa's workshop in front of it. I asked the kids if they knew what a menorah was, and they said no, so I explained it. Then I asked if they knew who was in the manger. One of them said, "It's President Obama's baby!"

Ashley said...

Oh, I'm completely with Ashley on avoiding father/son names. My husband is Michael Kerry Scott Cooper II. He hates his name. His brother is Michael Andrew Cooper. So my father-in-law goes by Mike, my husband goes by Scott, and my brother-in-law goes by Andy. If mail comes for Michael K Cooper, it's my father-in-law. If it comes for Michael S. Cooper, that's my husband. If it comes for Michael A. Cooper, it's for my brother-in-law. If it comes for Michael Cooper, who knows. We recently had problems with doctors/billing/insurance because of the name thing. Bad idea. Thankfully Scott doesn't want a "third." :)

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

kids are hilarious. i wonder who entertained me before i had a child.

Amy and Josh said...

The first time I heard Flavio's name I thought I heard "Fabio" like the model for Romance novels, and I wondered who would name their child Fabio?? but soon became aware it was Flavio, a cool and very unique alien name:)

too funny:) Cute kid!!

Christal said...

he is so cute and funny!! love it!

marci helen said...

ha alien names! i love their beautiful names, they sound so classy. wish i could use them!

LoveYaMissYa said...

I laughed so hard I had to share with Nick. We love alien names! Your kids are just so darn adorable!

Holly said...

So funny. Love how kids just put it out there without the sugar coating.