Friday, February 22, 2008

Week in Review

I wish I had a photo for today. It was a lazy day for me around here. I photographed a wedding yesterday, it has been a few months, I forget how physically and mentally draining they can be. Every muscle in my body hurts. I hurt in places I forgot I had. Looks like I need to hit the gym twice as hard! ;) I had a young woman come and job shadow me. She was SO nice and it was so great to meet her. Hope she decides to come back and maybe help out a few times this summer with the weddings we are booking like crazy.

Luckily, this week I have only had a few mild headaches, hoping that by avoiding some of the things I think have been triggering my migraines, I can avoid them, or avoid as many as I have been having.

We got a new vacuum today. I made the mistake of letting a vacuum salesman into our home the other day, did you even know such things existed? He left the vacuum for a few days. Seriously like four, and Flav, being the vacuum man around here (it is one of his TWO chores) really liked it. The thing can has some massive sucking power, even I was impressed with, never saw anything clean so powerfully even with a FULL bag. YES, the bag was FULL after going over our entire house. Disgusting. So, the dude was trying to sell it to us for this insane amount of money. Flavio, being a terrific sales-person himself talked him down to an insane amount of money on the other end. We vowed not to repeat that insane price. I think we won. Tee hee. Is it strange to be so excited about a vacuum?!

Let's see. My husband made a boo boo this week. Claiming he talked to me about some MAJOR purchase, which, in fact he did not. Oops. I forgive him. I think. ;) Sorry honey, just have to put it out there for the wold that you, in fact, did NOT discuss it with me. I still love you though!

My kids are weeds. WEEDS I tell you. Emms hair has grown an inch overnight I swear. Leaving me the need to put "pretty ponies" in her hair everyday because it is SO insanely long.

I was able to do some presentations for a local junior high school on adoption this week. Miss Carly had asked me to join her. As I had mentioned earlier, with my crazy busy week, it was the last thing I thought I could fit in/do. I am so thankful that I did. I know there was a reason I had to be at those particular presentations, I felt like we really got through to some of the students there. Three girls in particular, two of which had older sisters who were parenting. It was really neat to get their perspective. Also, one young lady in particular who was SO hard at the beginning of the presentation, SO much attitude, who, by the end had softened and was so utterly respectful as to why we were there. It was great. I love to get them thinking, thinking about the statistics between those choosing to single parent, those who choose to abort, and those who choose to place. The numbers are astounding, I like to see the looks in their faces when they realize, in their own words how "messed up" that is. It truly is messed up. I hope that they can take what they learned this week and always keep it close to their hearts, and share that adoption is a beautiful option in this crazy world who would have us believe otherwise. Thanks for the call Carly!

Well that is about it. Long posts with no photos are hard to get through I, let me dig you up an oldie but goodie...
I call this her "ugly face". Sounds mean, it isn't . I say, "Emm, show me your ugly face." She contorts her features until this is what I see. Usually with a lot less tongue and more teeth. Anyway, this is the face she makes when she is "whining". I hate whining but that is another post entirely. Enjoy your weekend. I am off to bed!


Cassie said...

Whew! Just reading about your week made me tired. How do you fit it all in? I couldn't even find time to shower today... ew. So the vacuum eh? I didn't know you could be charged for such things. ;)

Lace said...

I would be excited for a new vacuum too! I actually have 3, just got one for Christmas, but the stronger more powerful they are the more excited I get...kind of like men -- well that was inappropriate! You can delete me if you'd like! :)

Arianne said...

yeah for the new vacuum! what kind is it a Kirby?? that is what we have!

you did have a VERY busy week i bet you are so glad it is over with! now enjoy you weekend and just relax!!

blair said...

what color are her eyes? they aren't brown, but they aren't green, hazel I guess? SOOOO Cute. gosh shes so freaking cute!!

p.s. one time i almost bought this vaccum that was 2500$ yeah, wtheck, i know. thankgosh i didn't,... but it was incredible!

ec said... first wedding was yesterday and when i opened your blog and read that first line i was like amen, sister.

i am wiped.

emotionally and physically.

i wish you were here...or i was that girl that tagged along with you...

Christal said...

Wow busy week kim! Sounds like your presentation went good.
I'm doing one next wed with a birthmom too, just for a group of play school moms who wanted a class on adoption. I'm kind of nervous I shouldn't be its just telling our story but still!! Sounds like you did a great job. Seriously you guys are amazing there all the workshops and presentations you guys do!! I admire you all.
Have a great week coming up and enjoy your vaccum they are amazing but so is the price they start at to eh!!
Well love the picture I HATE whining too drives me nuts!! Well ttyl

Ponczoch Family said...

Good for you for doing the presentation at the junion high. It's so important for girls (& everyone for that matter) to know all of their options and what is best for their child.

Trina said...

I hope the headache woes continue to decline. Don't you have a fun workshop in the very near future? :) Let me know if you would still like to give the F100 a test run...I leave the country March 4th.

Heather said...

Wow!! You are such a busy girl!!
I love that your sweet hubby bought the Vaccum (Kirby?). Mine did as well!! It's always nice to have the guys fall for high priced items from door to door salesman!!
*I of course have fallen victim for more than my share of expensive items.