Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pardon the Interruption.

Casey here. I'm rudely butting my business in at Kim's blog because most of the gentle people at my place won't get the humor I'm about to lay out there. (Mormon humor, it's simply the best.)
This picture is from the moosh's Barbie as the Island Princess coloring book:

Cody pointed out it looks more like a page from the "Heroes of the Restoration" coloring book. As if there were such a thing, is there? There probably is. But it probably doesn't have princesses in it. I'd have a hard time convincing the moosh that it's FUN! to color Prophets throughout the ages.
(If you're not LDS, sorry, the joke is probably lost on you, my apologies.)
But LDS or not I KNOW you'll all understand this one:

This is my husband washing dishes after he cooked dinner.
REAL! DINNER! It involved chopping and sauteing two different kinds of vegetables.
If I didn't have the constant urge to vomit from my new medication I would totally make out with him.

Right, well, as you were.


Heather said...

Love the humor!! I love the name Moosh!! So cute!!

Is your husband offering any classes for men?? If so please let me register my husband! :)

Also, I totally see the prophet in that picture!! It looks like you could use it as clip art for primary!! :)

kimsueellen said...

Um, I just about fainted when I saw CODES washing the DISHES!!!! Roll me over and throw some dirt on me. And I hear you on the coloring book. It's all about those high collars baybee! Hope you are feeling better...vomitous medication?! Blech.

Leisha said...

Definitely looks like a prophet/missionary coloring page. Can you send that over for my lesson. lol And the dishes. . .fantabulous! Brian always does the dishes and well, actually cooks a ton too. Love, love, love that. Too bad you weren't feeling up to take advantage of the moment. Sorry about feeling so blah. That's never good.

Barrett said...

So funny! Yep, laughed out loud from "catching" the joke about coloring the Prophets throughout the ages... April