Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sam, Sam, & Hollie


mommyoffour said...

As always, awesome job! I wish my babies would have been this smiley like they usually are. Oh well, it was a long night... maybe next time.

Sam, Sam & Hollie said...

Thanks again, Kim! They were just what I wanted!

Tiffany Izatt said...

These are so cute, I love the pink tutu!.

Angela said...

Kim, you have been on my mind since you posted to mooncookie. I apologize for the incredibly slow response. I so appreciate your wonderful comments ... you take truly beautiful photographs.

I'm afraid you might be a little unimpressed with my response.

I use a Cannon Rebel XT. The digital world is very new to me. Right now the camera is set to meter the entire frame (I think). I have an enourmous amount to learn. I never use anything but natural light because I don't have a decent flash. Even if I did I don't know that I would use it. I love light at dusk and dawn.

My background is black & white film photography (in college). My skill was always framing & actually learned to never crop. I also spent countless hours in the darkroom. I was a skilled printer & used many methods. I was fortunate enough to take classes at the Smithsonian for several years in the early 90's.