Friday, January 26, 2007

Happy Boy


Frances said...

hey Kim,
You had mentioned on your blog that they had Alex on Tuesday, but your title from the previous blog says he's four weeks. How old is he really? He is quite the cutie.

kim said...

Alex was born on December 26. They adopted him on Tuesday! He is four weeks old. His parents helped me out in October with a service project I did with my adoption agency! Sweet huh?

frances said...

That is pretty sweet! He is such a sweet little boy and they are lucky! Great job on the pictures too. Ryan has been getting into the photography hobby and is enjoying it. I look at your pictures with him and he absolutely thinks they look awesome. What kind of camera are you using out of curiosity?

kim said...

Here's my junk:

Nikon D80
50mm 1.8

That's it! Where's your blog Frances, I miss reading all about you!

frances said...

I don't have it anymore. I had deleted awhile back. I miss blogging though.:) I am going to start one up once I get my business with my mom up and going. We are so close I can feel it!